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Locking Male Plug.

Product Specifications
 Product Style  Standard Locking.
 Amperage  20A
 Device Type  Plug.
 Poles and Wires  3 Pole, 4 Wire.
 Voltage  125/250V
 Body Style  Straight.
 Product Variation  Standard.
 Color  Black/White.
 Configuration Type  L14-20
 Terminal Screws  #10 Bronze.
 Face/Terminal Assembly  Impact Modified Nylon.
 Cover (Housing)  Super Tough Nylon.
 Terminal Cover  Clear Polycarbonate.
 Cord Grip Assembly  Impact Modified Nylon.
 Plug Blades  Brass, (neutral blade nickel-plated).
 Terminal Clamp Nut  Zinc-Plated Steel.
 Assembly Screws  Zinc-Plated Steel.
 Dielectric Voltage  Withstands 3500V per UL498.
 Max Working Voltage  600V AC or 250V DC.
 Current Interrupting  Certified for current interrupting at full rated current.
 Temperature Rise  Maximum 30 deg C temperature rise at full rated current after 50 cycles of overload at 150% rated current for either AC or DC applications per UL498
 Terminal Identification  (X, Y Z Brass Hot) (G, Green, Grounding) (W, Silver, Neutral).
 Terminal Accommodation  #18-#8 AWG Flexible Cord.
 Product Identification  Ratings and NEMA identification are permanently marked on device.
 Cord Accommodation  Round portable service cords in accordance with device ratings as defined in UL Standard 62, CSA C22.2 No. 49.
 Cord Grip Range  3 Wire: .300"-.950" (7.62-24.13), 4 and 5 Wire: .465"-1.115" (11.81-29.21).
 Flammability  HB or better per UL94 or CSA 22.2.
 Operating Temperatures  Maximum continuous 60 deg C, minimum -40 deg C without impact.
 UL Standard  UL Listed to Standard 498 (Attachment Plug and Receptacles).
 CSA Standard  Certified to CSA Standard C22.2 No.42M1984 (General Use Receptacles) and C22.2 No. 182.2M1987 (Industrial Locking Type, Special Use Attachment Plugs, Receptacles and Connectors) where applicable.
 UL Listing File  UL Listed File #E1381- Guide #AXUT
 CSA Certification File  CSA Certified File #LR16215- Guide #20T2
 Fed Spec  Federal Specifications WC596 (where applicable).
 Complies with:  Complies with NEMA Standards WD-1, WD-6 and UL 498.
 Overseas Apporvals  NOM, CE.