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Circuit Guard, Heavy Duty, Hospital Grade Isolated Ground/Surge Suppression Duplex Receptacles

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Product Specifications
 Hospital Product Type  
 Hospital Grade Receptacle Type  Duplex
 Duplex Receptacle Type  Surge Device
 Amperage  20A
 Voltage  125V
 Enhancement  Isolated Ground
 NEMA Number  5-20R
 Horsepower  1
 Description  Surge Suppression Duplex Receptacle
 Type  2 Pole, 3 Wire, Grounding
 Certification  UL Listed File E2186 Listed to UL Standards 498 Receptacles 1449 Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors CSA Certified to Specification C22.2 No. 42M (15A only) ANSI/IEEE C62.41 (IEEE 587) Installation Categories "A" (Ring Wave) "B" (unidirectional Impulse)
 Top Material  Nylon
 Base Material  Nylon
 Power Contacts Material  .031" (.8) Brass
 Ground Contacts Material  .031" (.8) Brass
 Clamping Plate Material  .031" (.8) Brass
 Mounting Strap Material  .050" (1.3) Steel-Zinc Coated
 Terminal Screw Material  #8-32 Brass
 Ground Screw Material  #8-32 Steel (Green)
 Auto. Ground. Clip Material  Stainless steel
 Mounting Screws Material  Steel-Zinc Plated
 LED Color  Red
 Alarm Muting Screw Material  Nylon
 Dielectric Voltage  Withstands 2,000V minimum.
 Frequency  60Hz.
 Response Time  Approximately 5 ns.
 Protection Modes  Normal and Common Modes.
 Transient Suppression at Peak Energy (10 x 1000 s)  210 Joules
 Transient Suppression at Peak Current (8 x 20 s)  13000 A
 UL Portable/Plug-In Test (8x20 s 500A) Suppressed Voltage  340V
 UL Permanently Wired Test (8x20 s 3000A) Suppressed Voltage  490V.
 UL Listed Suppressed Voltage  500V max.
 Temperature Rise  Max 30C temperature rise at full rated current after 50 cycles of overload at 150% of rated current with direct current.
 EMI/RFI Attenuation at 50 ohms Normal Mode 40 dB  500kHz - 100MHz.
 Normal EMI/RFI Rejection (@50 Ohms)  10 dB minimum 4 to 100MHz.
 Common EMI/RFI Rejection (@50 Ohms)  10 dB minimum 4 to 100MHz.
 Terminal Identification  Terminals identified in accordance with UL 498, (Brass, White, Green).
 Terminal Accommodation  #14-#12 AWG Copper Conductor only.
 Product Identification  Ratings are permanent part of device.
 Flammability  94-V2.
 Operating Temperatures  0 to 40C (32 to 140 F).
 Storage Temperature  -35 to 60 C (-31 to 140 F).
 Maximum Humidity  90% Non Condensing

Transient Suppression
Transient Suppression Peak Energy (10 x 100 s) Peak Current (8 x 20 s)
Normal Mode (L-N) 210 joules 13000A
Common Mode (L-G) 210 joules 13000A


Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems