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LonWorks Wall Mount Sensor
Hubbell LON series multi-function sensors are designed for use on LonWorks building automation control networks. LonWorks, a standardized communication protocol developed by Echelon Corporation, allows for open, interoperable communication between sensors, actuators, and controllers on a common communication bus. Since all LonWorks-based products include a microprocessor with a common communication standard, products from various manufacturers can be installed on the bus to communicate information for the control of all building functions.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Product Specifications
 Product  Networked Indoor Sensor (LonWorks)
 Application  Wall Mount
 Sensing Technology  Occupancy, Temperature, and Ambient Light
 Coverage Area  1600 Sq. Ft.
 Photocell  Yes
 Agency Approvals  LonMark, CE, FCC
 Power Requirements  24V AC/DC (jumper selectable), +/- 10%, 50mA
 Lens Material  Polyethylene
 Dimensions  4.34"H x 2.38"W x 1.83"D
 Housing Material  Polypropylene
 Operating Temperature  32 F to 122 F (0 C to 50 C) with rate of change not exceeding 20 F (11 C) per hour
 Operating Humidity  20% to 90% noncondensing relative humidity
 Storage Temperature  -40 F to 150 F (-40 C to 65 C)
 Storage Humidity  20% to 90% noncondensing relative humidity
 Ambient Light  0 to 3000 lux (0 to 280 foot candles)
 Passive Infrared Sensing Indicator  Red LED
 Mounting Height  6 to 10 ft.
 Service Switch  Yes
 Neuron  3120E2/5MHz
 Transceiver type/data rate  FTT-10A/78Kbps
 Temperature Sensing Range  0 C to 50 C
 Temperature Resolution Over Range  0.01 C

Network Variables
network output SNVT_occupancy nvoOccup
SNVT_lev_disc nvoOccupLevel
network input config SNVT_time_sec nciMaxSendTO
SNVT_time_sec nciMinSendTO
SNVT_str_asc nciXXLocation
network output SNVT_temp_p nvoHVACTemp (C)
SNVT_temp_p nvoImperialTemp (F)
network input config SNVT_time_sec nciMaxSendTT
SNVT_time_sec nciMinSendTT
SNVT_temp_p nciMinDeltaT
SNVT_temp_p nciTmpOffset
network output SNVT_lux nvoLuxLevel
network input config SNVT_lux nciFieldCalL
SNVT_time_sec nciMaxSendTL
SNVT_time_sec nciMinSendTL
SNVT_lev_cont nciMinDeltaL
network output SNVT_alarm nvoAlarm


Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems